Our valid patents for proprietary data processing procedures are registered and protected in Germany and the USA (see If you are interested, we are happy to explain the inventions and relationships.

The control flow protection described in the patents serves to detect errors in the execution of the program's control flow. To do this, the program is automatically instrumented to continously generate signatures that depend on the actual control flow. In addition, the list of expected signatures is generated, which will result from a correct control flow. At runtime, a watchdog compares the continously generating signatures with the expected signatures to monitor the correct execution of the program's control flow.

  • DE 10 2010 037 457.1
    „Verfahren zur Datenverarbeitung zum Bereitstellen eines Wertes zum Ermitteln, ob bei einer Ausführung eines Programms ein Fehler aufgetreten ist, …“
  • US Patent 9304872
    „Method for providing a value for determining whether an error has occurred in the execution of a program”

DE 10 2010 037 457.1 Fig 8