CCNC 2021: Demo Session


Alexander Kropp from the TU Dresden and Dr. Martin Süßkraut from SIListra Systems GmbH presented on January 11, 2021 their paper about "Reliable Control for Robotics - Hardware Resilience Powered by Software" at the IEEE Consumer Communications & Networking Conference in the Demo Session.

The paper describes our demonstrator for fastcloud already introduced in our video from July 2020.

Abstract: Industry 4.0 is now much more than just a buzzword. However, with the advancement of automation through digitization and softwarization of dedicated hardware, applications are also becoming more susceptible to random hardware errors in the calculation. This cyber-physical demonstrator uses a robotic application to show the effects that even single bit flips can have in the real world due to hardware errors. Using the graphical user interface including the human machine interface, the audience can generate hardware errors in the form of bit flips and see their effects live on the robot. In this paper we will be showing a new technology, the SIListra Safety Transformer (SST), that makes it possible to detect those kind of random hardware errors, which can subsequently make safety-critical applications more reliable.

For more details about the demonstrator and the paper (PDF is available), please do not hesitate to contact us.

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