Dresden: a TOP location!


For years, Dresden, the location of SIListra Systems, can be found among the best tech-locations in Germany (see e.g. Die besten Tech-Standorte in Deutschland: 50 Städte im Ranking - 2018 or directly download the study in english), which yielded in the nickname “Silicon Saxony”. But also overall, Dresden is an internationally sought location. In a recent study from Futurelearn, in those scope 100 cities worldwide, based on their economical and scientific capabilities were selected, Dresden reached place 14. Amongst top results for living expenses, wage differential and possibilities for young people, Dresden scored with stable growth and a very minor influence of the Corona-crisis on the employment market.

The results of the study as well as further information can be found directly on the website of Futurelearn: https://www.futurelearn.com/info/2020-best-cities-for-jobs-index