SIListra Safety Transformer 1.4.0 – Released


Our new version 1.4.0 is available as of today with a multitude of new features, breaking changes and fixed issues. An important quality improvement compared to the previous version is achieved through the 64-bit integer support. Now 64-bit integers can also be used as constants, parameters and global variables in coded programs. So far, the upper limit was 32 bits for integers. For the first time, a completely new coding is used for 64-bit integers, which leads to significant performance enhancements. Function pointers, indirect function calls and virtual methods are also supported with version 1.4.0, which allows the use of dynamic C ++ language features for the first time. An extended range of language features for C ++ applications is available from now on.

We deliver the SIListra Safety Transformer together with the freshly released SIListra Safety Dashboard. In addition to the convenient GUI-supported configuration of the transformer, the dashboard also provides the quick access to the transformer's user manual in an easy-to-search format. Thousands of automated software tests were carried out in an advanced continuous testing environment for the new software release.

A revision and expansion of the user manual with the chapters such as introduction, installation & configuration, technology, description of use as well as the options and language scopes give the software developer up-to-date, more convenient access to the transformer, the dashboard and the integrated online help.

With the extended range of functions and increased convenience, our tool users are able to work efficiently and safely. The SIListra development team supports users directly and is already working on further requirements for the next version. In 2021 the focus of further development will be on further increasing safety and usability.

Screenshort SIListra Safety Transformer 1.4.0