Coded Processing

With coded processing, we are a step ahead of the future - and we'll help you design it.

Functionality of Software Coded Processing

The technology of software coded processing developed by us is the central part of our certified development tool SIListra Safety Transformer. A "silistrified" (extended) program code is able to detect at runtime

  • transient,
  • permanent and
  • systematic
random errors.

The software coded processing procedure is not tied to specific programming languages. Our focus is on the programming languages C and C++. Implementations in other programming languages are possible, e. g. in Java.

You can find a more detailed and technical description of our solution in our publications.

Functionality of Diversified Encoding

The figure shows the runtime view. Software Coded Processing is applied to two (logical) channels. The "native channel" runs the original safety function (safety app). The developer programs or generates the source code of this channel. The SIListra Safety Transformer generates the source code of the "encoded channel" from the source code of the native channel. Both channels run together on the same standard hardware and achieve there an sufficently high diagnostic coverage for SIL3 (according to IEC 61508:2010).

Detected errors are propageted to the output packages of the safe communication (black channel). Hence, these errors are handled by the communication partners of the safety app.