SIListra Safety Transformer

Our product is your access to new and more efficient solutions for functional safety.

We offer our software tool „SIListra Safety Transformer“ in the current version 2.0 to our partners and customers. This development tool instruments our coded processing automatically into the source code of your application. The SIListra Safety Transformer focuses on the programming languages C & C++. The scope of delivery is agreed as required:

Please contact us directly. You can do suitability, performance, pilot, or evaluation projects in order to better understand our solutions. We provide demos and an evalution license after a signed usage agreement. Together with you we discuss whether the tool, our know-how and our services match your planned safety application.

The SIListra Safety Transformer generates the encoded channel from the native channel.

The figure describes the use-case of the SIListra Safety Transformer for Coded Processing. The SIListra Safety Transformer reads the C/C++ source code of the native channel and generates the C source code of the coded channel. The component "Checker" then verifys the generated C source code of the coded channel automatically, thus eliminating the need for time-consuming manual reviews. The Checker is part of the SIListra Safety Transformer.