Germany-wide festive day on occasion of the jubilee – Program on June 19, 2019 in DRESDEN


„Five universities with 50 years of computer science education, 400 software and IT companies in Dresden and 41,000 TU members want to celebrate together. ...“ (Source: SIListra Systems as a start-up of the Institute of Systems Architecture of the Technische Universität Dresden supports the festive day this year. Please, attend to the discussion „Warum Systems-Technologien der Schlüssel zur Welt sind – Deutschlands Betriebssystem-Standort Nummer Eins“ at 4:30pm in Andreas-Pfitzmann-Bau, E023 of the TU Dresden (Englisch: "Why are systems-technologies the key to the world - Germany operating systems site number one"). Prof. Christof Fetzer Chair of Systems Engineering of the Faculty of Computer Science and co-founder of SIListra Systems is on stage for the discussion.

Further Information: 50 Years of university computer science education in Dresden.

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